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Miss Singapore Karisa Sukamto Only 160cm High

Newspapers have said the jury (with components up to 13 people) had a headache to choose the most beautiful girls in 14 girls participate in the finals of Miss World held in Singapore Orchid Country Club. Right in time for the finale, the judges had twice consulted in a room can make the final decision.Miss Singapore Karisa Sukamto Only 160cm High

It is noteworthy that the majority of those who watched the contest that day, her height 1.71 m Michelle Koh is considered a leading candidate for Miss Throne.

Besides, Campbell lawyer Bridgette height 1.67 m is also considered one of the heavyweight candidates for the prestigious crown.Miss Singapore Karisa Sukamto Only 160cm High-02

Therefore, when the throne was announced to Miss for students age 19 with Karisa Sukamto, thousands of spectators were present at the audience loudly, by the new Miss height only very limited compared with the experimental others: 1.60 m.

Miss Karisa winner Singapore has made public opinion surprised.

Explaining this surprising result in The New Paper, Mr Raymond Ooi, director of the company Limelite Productions, the unit organizes the competition, said: “The judges had a really hard while choosing the highest throne of the competition. They had to argue a lot. Number of votes for Karisa Sukamto and Michelle Koh is 50-50.

Candidates Miss Michelle Koh is considered excellent and looks attractive, but she missed the point because the answer is not as desired. In contrast, Karisa Sukamto even modest height with a little bit, but to attract professionals through appeal and individuality.

On the part of judges to support Michelle, they suggest that language abilities and skills can answer the question were forged, but the height can not change things. Mr. Raymond is the final decision difficult.

Miss Tan won Singapore in 2012 thanks to her face and intelligent answer to the modest height.

According to the criteria of the Miss World Singapore, height is not the leading factor to be considered. The war lasted for 70 minutes and twice consultation tension between the judges went to Karisa Sukamto results, with a height of 1.60 meters received the support of Mr. Raymund.

This is a rare but ever since the previous Miss 170cm and above is high. As a rule, Karisa is the representative of Singapore will participate in the Miss World contest held in China in August next. However, Chutshompu Sharan, a member of the jury and also the sponsor for the Miss crown worth $ 40,000 that he would have spoken to a runner Michelle represent Singapore.

Respond to the decision of Raymond, Chutshompu that the girls participate in Miss World always have a long legs and looks stunning. This point was made public opinion continues to Lion Island was divided, half Chutshompu and his supporters want to win half of Karisa must be recognized. However, according to The New Paper, a final decision about the beauty contest Miss World will be determined by his Chutshompu.

Representatives of a beauty pageant competition is another of Miss Singapore World ironic that in a beauty contest their height is essential and only girls on a high , 65m register for participation in the contest. According to this, the girls are beautiful too short though it is difficult to stand out when they participate in beauty contests, especially when it becomes representative of the country participate in international competition.

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