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Miley Cyrus by Emma Roberts Feeling Jealous?

As a newly engaged young couple, Miley Cyrus was more careful to keep her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. She was afraid that her partner will be tempted by another woman.

Excerpted from the website Showbizspy, Hanna Montana star was reminiscent of Emma Roberts, opposite her fiancee in the movie Empire, to keep away from Liam.

According to one source, Miley is jealous with her. “Miley became very protective since she and Liam got engaged. She was worried when Liam filming a movie with sexy women, Liam will be tempted to cheat,” said the source.

The actress who was aged 19 years is really not like when her fiancé was hanging out with Emma. She also reminded the star of ‘The Hunger Games’ and Emma to repel each other.

Miley does not want Liam to hang out with Emma. She thinks she is bad news for him. Not only tells Liam to stay away, even in the presence of Emma, she was reminded to stay away from Liam. She said ‘Stay away from fiancé’,” said the source.

However, Emma was not concerned with Miley warning.

Emma does not care what Miley thought. She mocked Miley on the back, and considers only a teen star Miley. Emma was nothing to lose, so she still had a relationship as far as she could with Liam and Liam seemed to enjoy her attention,” lid sources.