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Mandatory Eyeshadow Colors in Your Makeup Bag

If the ‘rules’ fashion requires every woman has at least one piece black dress then in bermake-up, women ‘must’ have a beige eye shadow. Why?Mandatory Eyeshadow Colors in Your Makeup Bag

Since the foundation in beige eye shadow eye makeup if you want to look perfect with natural makeup.The point to flatten the skin color of the eye so that the colors will be applied on it became more obvious.

For make-up is sweet and cute, beige eye shadow is mandatory.Applies to all parts of lids including under the brows.Eye shadow beige useful as a make-up base for the eyes, says make-up artist Jiyytaseni Amata, on Thursday (13 / 09/2012) beauty session lecture series at the launch of Panasonic’s latest beauty tool beauty Hotel St. Regis, Bangkok, Thailand.

beloved also suggested to use the color pink if you want to produce a natural makeup. According to him pink makes people look younger and sweeter.

Many women are hesitant to wear pink eye shadow on the eyes but the result is good and natural. There are many kinds of colors pink choose the best fit (skin) you, she explained.

There are three provisions in eye makeup always use three levels of color; bright, medium and dark. Bright eye shadow used as a highlight on the brow bone to ‘lift’ the eyes to appear more fresh. Medium color as the main color is applied to the eyelids. While dark colors to emphasize and make the makeup look more dramatic.

Apply dark eye shadow forming the letter ‘V’ on the outer corner of the eye. This makes the eyes look more deep and dramatic, beloved suggestions.