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Makeovers! Elsa Pataky New Tomboy Haircut

Elsa Pataky now has shorter hair than her companion, Chris Hemsworth. The pretty blonde cut her beautiful blonde hair for a boyish cut. Like this?

Makeovers! Elsa Pataky New Tomboy Haircut

Short Hair Trend

We do not expect that changes radically Elsa Pataky head overnight. Indeed, it has become a trend among the stars of our friends have short hair this winter but it happens to the top spot of the haircut the most unexpected, it is obviously the singer Miley Cyrus and her cup half Hawk had attracted much criticism on the web. Boyish cut is timeless, perfect for head change.

Makeovers! Elsa Pataky New Tomboy Haircut

In fact, this hairstyle is especially dynamic faces purposes for convenience; the hair is easier to style. Today many celebrities are following suit. Found the actress Emma Watson, who swears by her trendy short haircut but Anne Hathaway constraint cut her hair brown for the needs of her latest film “Les Miserables”. Even if some of them date info on severe, short hair was obvious to others, they should have refrained.

Elsa Pataky Short or Long Hair?

This is the case of actress Elsa Pataky New hairstyle for the New Year. She took a big risk capillary is now showing a boyish cut & this year, the blonde rebel after Portia de Rossi, who took the same cup that her wife, the famous American host, Ellen DeGeneres, it was the turn of Elsa Pataky cracking.

Makeovers! Elsa Pataky New Tomboy Haircut Known for its beautiful honey hair, the actress surprised everyone with this change that hair does not value the charm of the young mother. Elsa Pataky was far more attractive long hair but it is too late, unless it opts for extensions for some time. This classic cut does not offer the same result as the singer Rihanna is sexy with her boyish cut. So what do you think of the new cut Elsa Pataky?

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