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Make-up Style of Monica Bellucci

The composition of Monica Bellucci, make-up is very sensitive to the brilliant, so if you want to get in the same style of make-up to do small steps because

The first thing to consider, you have to hide the dark circles under the eyes very well and this is achieved by illuminating a spell in the eyepiece, you can use the same base color, the skin is refined with a loose powder to give a finished look velvety.

To achieve the look deep but mischievous like Monica, you should use a black shadow to create the appearance of smoked product is applied by pressing with a brush and leaves go into the bones of the eye to give more intensity in the line above the tabs, then draw a pencil line on the black mascara on them.

Use blush on the cheeks in a soft shade of orange highlight the cheekbones only and the lips should not be strongly resolved because the actress’s eyes this article or lipstick color should be on the skin and help define the contours of the lips sparkle transparent.

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