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How To Apply Makeup Style of Monica Bellucci

The composition of Monica Bellucci makeup is very sensitive to the brilliant, so if you want to get in the same style of makeup to do small steps because

Make-up Style of Monica Bellucci
Make-up Style of Monica Bellucci

The first thing to consider, you have to hide the dark circles under the eyes very well and this is achieved by illuminating a spell in the eyepiece, you can use the same base color, the skin is refined with a loose powder to give a finished look velvety.

To achieve the look deep but mischievous like Monica, you should use a black shadow to create the appearance of smoked product is applied by pressing with a brush and leaves go into the bones of the eye to give more intensity in the line above the tabs, then draw a pencil line on the black mascara on them.

Use blush on the cheeks in a soft shade of orange highlight the cheekbones only and the lips should not be strongly resolved because the actress’s eyes this article or lipstick color should be on the skin and help define the contours of the lips sparkle transparent.

Monica Bellucci makeup is very sensitive

How to apply makeup style of Monica Bellucci for their latest range of red lips as they say at Grazia Daily, it represents the beauty of Italian. Check out the first pictures of the glamorous campaign.

Italian beauty and timelessness, that’s who lived the spirit of Dolce and Gabbana when they created their latest range of lipsticks. They left the same principle when it came to choosing who would represent their products. For designers, Monica Bellucci was a designated, and they have never regretted their choice.

Collection Classic Cream Lipstick now contains 46 shades, thanks to its 28 new colors. This campaign marked the official debut of Domenico as a photographer since he who made the shots, under the creative direction of Stefano. They represent the duality of the art of seduction with the Italian one side classic beauty, and on the other the more sensual look.

Monica Bellucci Collection Classic Cream Lipstick now contains 46 shades

The colors are divided into six categories (red, orange, purple, coral, pink and nude) to fit every face. In terms of packaging, each lipstick comes in a classic golden and shiny tube with the logo Dolce & Gabbana on the side. The collection ranges from the most traditional to the most modern colors, n*de for everyday wear or sensational shades for large events. “Choose a lipstick color depends on the mood. There are times when a woman wants to be in the spotlight. When I want to show me, I wear red. I think all Women are like that. “Close friend for years and modeled for Dolce & Gabbana since their debut, Monica embodies the Italian woman at any point. Its charm is natural and lips, unforgettable.

A made during the scenes of the campaign, the actress is engaged to her work with Dolce & Gabbana, and what it means to be s*xy. “Domenico is one of the most eclectic artists I know he can do everything. Every time we do something even more beautiful, “says Monica Bellucci. In some of the images of the video, you can see it alternate between sitting up and times when she reapplies her own stick. “Being a woman Dolce & Gabbana is how to be elegant and sensual at the same time. It means being a pretty Italian woman, “says Monica Bellucci.

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