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Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Severe Natural

Hollywood celebrities are often struggling with the issue Lindsay Lohan, back in the accident. she had a car accident and now to be admitted to hospital because of it.Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Severe Natural

Lohan who was then driving a black Porsche vehicle reportedly collided with a truck 18-wheeler vehicle while driving on Pacific Coast Highway. Her assistant is believed to be in the car with him when the accident occurred.

Site TMZ reported that the accident was so severe to the point of the windshield shattered and the rear bumper of the car body apart.

25-year-old actress was immediately taken to the emergency room at LA Hospital. However Santa Monica police revealed that the injury suffered was severe Lohan.

Regarding the news of this accident a source of strengthening the police statement by saying that he had spoken directly with Lohan. “I just spoke to she’s fine,” said the source. While the assistant suffered bruising and slight bleeding wounds.

Lohan thrown a black Porsche is reportedly also does not belong to the actress but a rental car.