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Levi’s Fall 2012 Collection in Classical Style

Renowned denim brand Levi’s launched its latest collection in Levi’s stores. The series is dedicated collection for fall 2012.Levi's Fall 2012 Collection in Classical Style

Levi’s the theme for this collection ‘Refined and Tailored Look “. Brand established in 1873 that emphasizes the subtle look at every detail. Curve ID boot cut Levi’s Skinny is a theme and dress collection and women’s Levi’s Taper for men’s collection.

Range of the latest collection for men comes in a contemporary look with sleek cuts and details. As for the collection of women, present with classic feminine pieces.

Materials used include knitted that was refined with a single suture technique. For color in men’s collection is available with a natural touch and variety of such a bright palette of red, blue, and yellow. While the collection of women, predominantly red and pink colors.

The concept of finishing the season is the tone color of indigo and gray, Layer of some what darker color with a natural glow that creates a clean and modern look.Levi's Fall 2012 Collection in Classical Style

Finna Joe, Senior Men Buyer & Merchant Levi’s says, “The concept for the Men’s Collection is a classic with a touch of contemporary head-to-toe that focuses on the refined style and detail to give the perfect look. Present in unexpected color and tailored look that focuses on Levi’s Taper fit with three options, namely 511 Slim Taper, Taper Regular 508 and 520 Extreme Taper.

These three pieces of the appropriate choice for men who are looking for jeans in the innovative design as for the collection of women, Anna Widyastuti, Senior Buyer Women & Merchant Levi’s says, “Levi’s boot cut Skinny is a modern interpretation of classic pieces with a boot cut skinny silhouette that widened in the leg, for a feminine look super sexy.

Pants are available in various pieces of the waist, ranging from classical, modern and low rise. Feminine pieces, color blocks without side seams, these jeans give a smooth and stylish.

The entire Fall 2012 collection of Levi’s is available from July through September in all Levi’s stores. collection range for men is priced at approximately USD 499 thousand to $ 999 thousand. While the collection of women, the rates offered range from Rp 499 thousand to $ 799 thousand.

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