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Latest Series of Shoes Collection by Flitflop

An increasingly diverse model of shoes, make a woman has many options with their footwear. Even so, women still choose shoes comfortable but still look cool when in use.

Latest Series of Shoes Collection by Flitflop
Latest Series of Shoes Collection by Flitflop

To meet these needs, Flitflop shoe manufacturers always provide answers. Not only produce shoes with beautiful models but they are trying to make shoes that have health benefits.

Fitflop was created from sol micro wobble board technology that aims to add work lower body muscles. So just by walking you can get the benefits of exercise, such as the shape of the feet, thighs, calves, and buttocks are more beautiful and toned.

Realize Fitflop shoe manufacturer that comfort is paramount in choosing shoes. However, they feel the need to develop a model that is more fashionable, recently latest collection of fitflop in Autumn Winter 2012 collection this is the latest of a series of shoes by Flitflop:

Ike Boot

Made of suede, make boot of this fitfloop lightweight and comfortable to use. There is a choice of neutral colors, the bungee card and chocolate.


Men’s shoes are perfect for the young man but wanted to look older.


These formal shoes with the look perfect gift to your husband or partner. With a choice of soft colors that will make the wearer to adjust to the type of clothing to be worn.

Ike Sneaker

It looks smart, formal and sporty wear is a man who looks so active and dynamic.


A shoe designed for women is made to look more feminine with flower accent on it. There are two colors blend, flame tan, black pewter, black tan and antique white.


Footwear suitable for formal or casual wear is designed in such a way with glitter effect on top.


Due wedge created from a blend of ballet shoes and slippers are a mainstay of the Autumn Winter 2012 collection. This is the first flat shoes issued by fitflop, Comes with 5 color options that is all black, Inky blue, hot cherry, black, and black-tan.

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