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Lala Textiles launch Eid Collection ‘VINTAGE by Lala

Lala textiles their high-end are entering a new brand of ‘Vintage by Lala ‘ nation wide launch of their first album, through July 19, 2012 (e) retailers from the party to celebrate the Eid.

Then in 1947, began as a simple trade-house, ‘Vintage’ launch marks the availability of a luxury brand under the Lala Textiles. ‘Vintage by Lala takes its inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of beauty and sub-continent.

Their Eid collection of 10 designs, each with two variations of shades and bright bold colors, pinks and reds and blues as well from orange to green up Expected on the basis of completely different designs and flashy embroideries, silks and chiffons, the purest form of this collection of vintage by Lala the chosen one.

Each of the ‘Vintage’ in the chicken suit, embroidered panels, embroidered and sequined borders in this collection of daywear and evening wear trendier more formal is coming to a good selection of embroidered necklines. ‘Vintage’ Eid 2012 release of his albums, Lala Textile Creative Director Asiya Malik said, “I start the ‘Vintage by Lala’ Eid in this debut collection are a luxury.

We use only the finest materials and highest quality pure silk chiffons and cottons. In addition, customized for each suit by Lala ‘bag’ Vintage collection will come. “Staff Report

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