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Lady Gaga Weight 13 Kg Up Wear Dress Closed

Singer Lady Gaga is known for wearing costumes hobby completely open. But lately she more often wore clothing covered. Change the style of dress that Gaga apparently because the weight up 13 pounds.Lady Gaga Weight 13 Kg Up Wear Dress Closed

Quoted from the Daily Mail after a concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Wednesday (19/09/2012), Gaga looked out of her hotel. In contrast to her appearance at the concert, she is seen wearing a white coat that covers the upper part of the body.

Earlier when she was in Germany, Gaga also wore a series of fashion covered when taking a walk in the country.Average wear clothes that cover her upper body down to the thighs.

Gaga clothing worn when walking around was very different from the costume her gig. When acting in concert, the singer of ‘Just Dance’ was wearing open to reveal her body. However due to weight gain the costume looks cramped.

When the concert in Amsterdam, Monday (09/17/2012) and then for example Gaga appears wearing stockings that seemed not fit. Stocking does not cover the entire buttocks allowing the body to the back of the singer’s 26-year pins.

Compared to 2009 the body of Gaga now is more contained. According to a nutritionist named Majid Ali on Radar Online most likely with the singer’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta gained weight up to 13 kg.

Regarding weight Gaga never publicly said if she did have to strive hard to maintain the appearance that still looks attractive. She once wrote on Twitter that then invites controversy about her diet.

Just killed back to back spin classes Eating a salad dreaming of cheeseburgers.

In the tweet Gaga said she had just finished exercising and just eating a salad. She also wrote a hashtag, which means not eating pop singer. Criticism from health experts worried tweet came as singer who recently launched perfume fans that followed her fans.

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