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Lady Gaga Want cap Made of Cockroach Life

Lady Gaga is not the name if it does not appear. Once the meat dress, now the singer of ‘Born This Way’ is rumored to want a hat made of live cockroaches.

Do you remember the dress worn by Gaga while attending the MTV Video Music Award 2010. Dress made of raw meat was so attracted the attention and become the phenomenon to the world of fashion and entertainment.

And it seems Gaga wanted her return to the conversation. She also plans to wear a hat made of cockroach life.

Gaga look at the success of the famous meat dress at some time ago and it seems that the phenomenon will occur again. She dubbed the cockroach as a ‘monster in real life’ after hearing some of the research,” said a source, as quoted from Showbizspy.

Now she’s put cockroaches live in a hat made of steel and let the cockroaches were crawling and walking in the cage nets,” she added.