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Lady Gaga Make Tattoos in Head

The sensation seems to have become a middle name Lady Gaga. In the midst of her FAME perfume release at the Guggenheim Museum New York 13 September she made a tattoo on the back of her head is now bald.Lady Gaga Make Tattoos in Head

Gaga shaved part of her head a few days ago when the mother of the friend photographer Terry Richardson died. If the current trend is the side of the head are shaved off Gaga did at the back of the head.

After tattooing, Gaga’s new tattoo immediately upload photos on the site Little Monsters. The design was created by tattoo artist named Mark Mahoney who explained the meaning of the image as a stream of Renaissance Italian blood respects Gaga.Lady Gaga Make Tattoos in Head

Interestingly, it made the process painless born This Way ‘singer was at a party, in front of the public who attended the perfume launch FAME. At the party was also attended by Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton and designer Marc Jacobs.Lady Gaga Make Tattoos in Head

When I started drawing (tattoo) I knew immediately behind the head is the perfect location for a picture. Gaga would be fine and the tattoo looks cool, said Mark Mahoney was quoted as saying Digitalspy.

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