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Kristen Stewart Scared Fans Attacked

Kristen Stewart is rumored to specifically hire a bodyguard. This she did in order to avoid the violence of the fans hates him.Kristen Stewart Scared Fans Attacked

Kristen called twice already under attack almost hurt himself. Anger fans were not separated from Kristen infidelity scandal with Rupert Sanders. Kristen Betrayal that makes the fans and the fans of Robert Pattinson so angry.

The first attack came when Kristen came out of a building in the San Fernando Valley. Two teen slut come after her and yelled liar,” a source told Gossip Cop, Wednesday (19/09/2012).

Kristen immediately rushes to jump and slammed the car door. But the teens were shaking the car. Kristen wept and immediately stepped on the gas pedal and go.

Since the incident, the Kristen really shocked. She felt cornered because people hate him more. However, this Twilight star did not want a similar incident happening again.

The attack really shook her. Then that she employed bodyguards and drivers to keep wherever she is to be able to get out quickly.