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Kristen Stewart Fail Attend Film Premier

Kristen Stewart attended the premiere of the latest movie failed On the Road in London, August 16, 2012. Christian retreat being too embarrassed by the affair.

Kristen (22) planned to attend the red carpet for her latest film On the Road on August 16 in London with co-star, Tom Sturridge, who is a close friend of Robert. Kristen were forced to cancel to attend because she was afraid so awkward.

Kristen will not attend the red carpet for the film On The Road. He was too ashamed to show her face in public for the moment, said a source, quoted by RadarOnline.

After all that has been said and the recognition that she had an affair with director Rupers Sanders he is very scared now, continued the source.

There is also a feeling of standing next to the dilemma of co-star in the film Tom Sturridge. Tom is very close to Rob and Kristen thinks it would be awkward for him to promote the film on the red carpet with him, continued the source.

Kristen retreat of the event is also not due to personal reasons. She also did not want to premiere the film On The Road ‘tainted’ because of its presence.

If he shows up at the London premiere would reduce the respect of people from the film itself and not Kristen at all, he said.