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Kelly Osbourne Upset Shrinking Breasts

Kelly Ousbourne was deeply upset that her breast size shrank in the last 10 years.

Presenter Fashion Policing is the son of rock legend Osbourne Ozy was admitted to not know DD-sized breasts that had changed now shrunk to the size of B.

Kelly then used the bra to her breasts look bigger. But she still worried that her breasts will continue to shrink.

Why do they call it Miracle Bra. How can the size of my DD age 18 and at the age of 27 be a B? “Kelly said as quoted by Female first.

Breasts are now to be like an empty sack. I’m even going to get smaller, continued Kelly.

Kelly is not the only artists who have problems with her breasts. Jennifer Love Hewitt recently revealed that she had been having nightmares about people trying to deflate her breasts that a 36