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Katy Perry Crying Because Russell Brand

Even though it looks tough, Katy Perry apparently had time to cry when her marriage fell apart with Russell Brand.

Katy (27) still does her job professionally, although its relationship with Russell is at stake.

Our reporter told The Hollywood, Katy admitted often cry because Russell during the run of his tour of California Dreams. (After 14 months of marriage, Russell filed for divorce the singer of ‘Wide Awake’ is the end of 2011.)

There are times when it feels very pressing personal problems until I had looked down and let the tears fall from my eyes so as not to hit my false eyelashes, as I’ll go up on stage and sing ‘Teenage Dreams,'” said Katy, who is promoting his latest documentary ‘Katy Perry: Part of the 3D Me.’

Although marriage and divorce also alluded to in the film, Katy warned that the fans will not get a full explanation of the reasons for parting with Russell.

No one knows what happened except the two people involved in it,” said Katy.