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Kate Middleton Make Product Sales Increase Eyebrow Make-up 600%

It’s not an overstatement if Kate Middleton dubbed a true trendsetter. Whatever is worn wife of Prince William has always hunted and the women sold in the market.

You remember how the high-street fashion brand became so popular and sales have increased significantly since she is known to wear clothing from brands like Zara. Now, the beauty industry, too, benefited from the ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ is.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the sale of the product make-up to the eyebrows is reported to rise to 600 percent or six times higher than last year, the cause? Especially if it were not for the women vying to get thick eyebrows and neat as Kate’s.

Her brow was 30 years old it looks beautiful and ‘framing’ perfectly beautiful face. Beautiful eyebrow shape it even had a headline in the news media in recent months.

Escentual.com beauty retailer’s claim, up to 600 percent increase in sales was due to “Kate Middleton Effect ‘. Sales eyebrow make-up products (Such as brow kits and tweezer) reportedly increased in June 2012, as many female consumers who want to create black and thick eyebrows. One of the products are marketed Escentual, Clarins Pro Palette listed as the most purchased products in the world.

“Kate Effect has been phenomenal in the world of cosmetics sales in June. During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations (the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II is the 60th) stock our products for a five-month sold out in three days. And it happened because of Kate Middleton,” said Louise Reed, marketing director at Escentual.

After this, what trends will be created Kate Middleton?

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