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Karl Lagerfeld Designs ‘Collar Necklace’ USD 426 Million

Creating luxury fashion product is already a skill Karl Lagerfeld. Latest creation, the designer is designing a 73-year-collar worth hundreds of millions of dollars which studded with precious stones. Wow!

Karl Lagerfeld Designs 'Collar Necklace' USD 426 Million
Karl Lagerfeld Designs ‘Collar Necklace’ USD 426 Million

Lagerfeld designed luxury jewelry worth 29 thousand pounds or about USD 426 million. It was a piece of jewelry collar decorated with 40 carat black diamond and a large emerald stone placed in the middle of the collar.

Buyers will also get hands Lagerfeld sketches while designing the luxurious collar. Of sales Lagerfeld collar work will be donated to charities special childhood cancer CLIC Sargent.

But before the sale black collar that will be showcased first on the diamond exhibition ‘Brilliant’ starting from June 28 until July 4, 2012. The exhibition is part of the show Masterpiece London Fair – a celebration Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or 60 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

I’m known for his love of the high collar and I want to create a collector’s item is the most obvious. Incorporation of masculine with feminine and brings together the world’s luxury jewelry with high fashion for my lapel This is a work of art and a show-stopper that actually, said Lagerfeld told Vogue as reported by the Daily Mail.

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