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Karl Lagerfeld Bag Making ‘Hula Hoop’ Chanel

In the latest collection of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld brings bag of hula hoops are so attracted the attention of many people. No one knows the reason Karl created the bag, until now.Karl Lagerfeld Bag Making 'Hula Hoop' Chanel

Bags hula hoop that is in the collection Spring / summer 2013, it instantly became the talk of the various media. There is a mention that the bag was weird and crazy, but some are saying that the 79 year old designer is something genius.

Karl’s work is made of circles resembling a hula hoop. The circle is black and on one side there are the hallmark Quilted Chanel bag are white. The bag comes in a larger size.

In an interview to the Telegraph after the fashion show at the Grand Palais, Paris, Karl revealed the usefulness of the bag. According to him, the bag hula hoop was intended for someone to carry gear while on the beach.

It is a bag for the beach. Need to place your beach towel, right? And then you get buried in the sand and hang stuff on it,” said the German designer.

Bags hula hoop seems deliberately designed to complement other collections Chanel beaches, such as surf boards, ping pong sets, rugby balls and beach bikes. Bags hula hoop is present also in smaller sizes that are easier to carry but can not function as a ‘clothesline’ your beach towel.

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