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Jet Ski Accident Deaths Usher Stepchildren

Sad news came from the singer Usher. Usher stepson, Kyle Glover (11) died on Saturday (21/7). He died after a Jet Ski accident in early July.

As quoted Dailymail, Kyle suffered a severe accident while riding a jet ski while on holiday at Lake Lanier in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month.

After the accident, Kyle langsug flown to a hospital in Atlanta, Kyle wound because the conditions are very severe in the head, the doctor said that Kyle is difficult to cure.

Kyle died on Saturday (21/7). A number of celebrities such as Justin Bieber utter grief to Kyle of Twitter.

Kyle is the son of Tameka Foster, who was the former Usher’s wife, Tameka and Usher were married in 2007 and divorced in 2009.