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Jessica Simpson USD 470 Million Paid For Thin

Jessica Simpson seems difficult to lose weight after giving birth. Fortunately, she got a new job as a brand ambassador for diet company Weight Watchers so she was free to run the program in there diet.

As reported by TMZ the woman was 31 years old pay U.S. $ 4 million or approximately USD 470 million, but within five months of Jessica should really be slim. But from the photos recently seen the body of Eric Johnson’s fiancee has not decreased.

Postpartum Jessica weight soared to 96 kg. The mother of Maxwell Drewi must derive their weight to 58 kg. But according to sources the obligation of the Weight Watcher’s Jessica makes it stressful.

Jessica getting stressed because she did not want to leave her daughter who was only seven weeks just for exercise. Sometimes she starts to cry. It’s hard for him,” added the source.

Despite the stress Jessica was still trying to discipline exercising at the gym every Friday. To achieve these targets Jessica must work out with celebrity trainer Harley Pastreak for five days within 14 days. she also must undergo a diet, drinking juice and foods rich in protein.