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Jennifer Lopez – Casper Smart Official fiance?

Thursday (4/10) Jennifer Lopez appeared with a large circular ring on her finger sweet. This makes the public think that the 43 years old singer has been engaged to her boyfriend Casper Smart.Jennifer Lopez - Casper Smart Official fiance

At that time J-Lo was attending a showcase at Paris Fashion Week event. Similar rings engagement rings became quite prominent accessories.

But soon after the engagement issues arise one of the sources clarified. As reported Aceshowbiz the source revealed that the ring was nothing more than decoration.

Indirectly the source also denied the engagement. J-Lo is currently being focused on the tour so it has not had time to think about the engagement.

He was in the middle of the tour and the manager did not want to make J-Lo split. Manager like J-Lo really focuses and engagement will certainly make him unable to concentrate,” said the source.