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How To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

Besides the beauty, neatness in wearing the veil is very important especially if mad regular activities which you are required to always veiled in a long time suppose to go to the office, of course you do not want your scarf looks messy and untidy it?.How To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

Or maybe for those of you who often attend lectures, parties, or other important event that requires you to veiled but you get bored with the model scarf that was it. Then you need to try How to Wear Hijab with creations that I give below.How To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

So you look fit you wear hijab, you must first know your face shape, face shape is very diverse but in general there are only five face shapes are: Oval face, round face, Face box, triangular face and oval face. Well as you know your own face shape, it’s time you know the basic shape of the veil modern and here’s how to use it.

How to Wear HijabHow To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

1. Hijab Meet Under Chin

Use square scarf by first folding it to form an equilateral triangle with the outside larger 10CM, use the edge of a scarf that looks ill race. Put the scarf then arrange a meeting with symmetrical on both sides under the chin with a small hook.How To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

Hijab Style is perfect for those of you who have a round face shape and box. For both this face shape, you will look hooded look more tidy n match if you also wear headbands volume.

2. Hijab Meet Behind Neck

Materials and How to Wear Hijab is almost the same as the first way. The difference is how to wear, scarves placed with symmetric, then pull the left end kananya neck and tie back. Take rest one end of which was tied scarf, pull it toward the front and cross at the front of the neck. Tie to the edge of the scarf under the ear by using a pin.How To Wear Hijab Modern Gallery

This hooded style makes the area look wider jaw, so hooded style is perfect for those of you who have a long face and a triangle.

Now that modern hijab Wearing Tips that suits you, please tailored to your face and to complete my articles and so you can understand how to wear hijab, I will give some way Wearing hijab that I took here’s the Photos.

Well so my article on How to Wear Hijab maybe useful for you all, especially for those of you who wear the hijab greetings.

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