How to Hide a Swollen Eyes Go Down Puffy Eyes


Swollen eyes seem primed to make appearances. Some of the most common factors in the onset humidity eyes is because too much crying, lack of sleep, fatigue, allergies or hormonal changes.

It takes a long time to deflate puffy eyes, although the cause of exhaustion. If you want the look of eyes look excellent in a short time there are ways to camouflage puffy eyes.

how to make swollen eyes go down puffy eyes

How to make swollen eyes go down puffy eyes

Here it tips How to Bring Down Swollen Eyes

1. Cucumber

Take your time for 15 minutes to put a cucumber in a swollen eye. Implies a high ascorbic acid in cucumber can lower water content and swelling of the eyes.

2. Yo-Tox

As quoted from the Guardian, Yo-Tox is a technique of ‘facelift’ without surgery developed in Manhattan. According to yoga experts, Yo-Tox can be done by sitting cross-legged and put both your index fingers on either side of the nose, under eye bags. Give light pressure between 5-10 seconds. This method will stimulate blood flow to the eye area, making eye bags and puffy eyes can be reduced.

3. Concealed

Puffy eyes are usually accompanied by conditions become darker eye circles or redness. To cover it up, you can rely on concealed. Choose a concealed that matches the color of the skin. Do not choose too bright because of swelling in the eye even more obvious.

4. Eye shadow

Using dark eye shadow can also cover puffy eyes. Your eyes look so much smaller. For maximum results add eyeliner to line the top and bottom of the eye.

5. False Eyelashes

False eyelashes play an important role for the eye. Lashes look thick and tapering create a more fresh and puffy eyes be covered.

how to make your eye swelling go down puffy eyes

How to make your eye swelling go down puffy eyes


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