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How to Create Smokey Eyes

How to Create Smokey Eyes
smoke eye make up is perfect for people at home is easy to apply

The steps to create the perfect Smokey eye look without a doubt, smoke eye make up is perfect for people at home is easy to apply.

Eye makeup is the first step to creating any kind of preparation. Apply shadow for the first century is no longer cast shadows on the eyelid up to come and keep the eye makeup fresh throughout the day. If you do not first hand, light or dark background corrector can be used as an alternative. The use of translucent powder to use the foundation / proofreader and if not on the ground.

The inner line of the upper and lower eyelids, slowly edging lashline. Then, a pencil or liquid liner on the outskirts of the upper eyelid area, slightly thickened in the middle of the line of the outer end of the century. Open your eyes and with an exotic look.

Less wear eyeliner after the lashes that you want to have an impact on life, a shade is darker. The intensity of the visual appearance of the smoke and this is one of the essential features attractive and dramatic. Wear under the Q-Tip, a finger or a brush, like lashes, eye shadow to create an attenuation.

Eyeshadow brush, sweep a cream base or a shimmering eye shadows and work your way to the browbone lashlid a light shade, bright shade and act as a marker to aid in better pronounce and define your Smokey eye. Impact on the mix, the color of the lights along the edges of the eyelids.

Put on a dark color, fold the bottom line. Dark shades of eye shadow and eyeliner to the lashline to the combination. Work your way to the mixture and mix until you reach the crease for a soft light..

The perfect mix of eye-makeup is the key. A good mix of all colors, so your eyes do not look tough or irregularly.

Curl (a curler) lashes and then apply two coats masks.

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