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How to Casual Dress So Instant Change Looks Glamorous

When the boss or co-workers to invite you to hang-out in the cafe after the famous home office you panic because the clothes worn are too relaxed. Before you even bother to go home and change clothes.

Consider the six-way instant change into casual clothes glamorous clothes.

1. Add Necklace

Mini Canal with sleeves 3/4 has become the most commonly worn overalls for the office. How to make it not too plain, wearing a necklace berdetail crowded and large.

2. Change Made Sequin Tops

It is better if you keep the boss in the office made from sequins. Materials sparkling sequins can change the look of a relaxed into more formal and glamorous in a short time.

3. Wear Red Lipstick

Sometimes you do not need any accessories to look glamorous. its simplest way is to apply red lipstick on your beautiful lips.

4. Wear light colored shoes

Replace your black shoes with light colored shoes, such as red, purple or yellow neon. make brightly colored shoes and a pencil skirt look of the shirt you are more luxurious and fun.

5. Large earrings

To change the appearance of party professionals to be more ready all you need is a large jewelry. Same with the necklace earrings with a unique look and great cut can help you to avoid the appearance of a ‘simple’.

6. wearing a Blazer

Even if you only wear flat shoes and casual overalls blazer can change the appearance of more ‘faith’ in an instant. Choose a blazer with a pattern or color to be fun not boring. For example geometric patterns or the Rorschach is edgy.

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