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How To Care For Pearls Jewelry Always Shine

The form is beautiful and sparkling light, make pearls as many popular accessories. But this one is susceptible jewelry dull and less beauty.How To Care For Pearls Jewelry Always Shine

Because it comes from an organic base desiccant pearl cracked and scratched easily. Therefore, special care is needed and more thorough than other types of jewelry. Here’s how to care for pearl jewelry at home to wake up its beauty, as reported by from iDiva.

Clean up

Clean pearls can not be indiscriminate, should use warm water and mild soap formulas; more securely using special soap for washing hands. Never use cleaners containing alcohol. You also can use special cleaning pearl jewelry store-bought. After cleaning, place it on the towel and press, press lightly to dry them. Do not forget to always clean pearls with a soft cloth each finished wearing it.


Make-up, perfume and Hairspray can easily cause corrosion to the pearl look like rust. This is because the pearls are very sensitive to oxygen. Wear earrings, necklace or pearl bracelet 30 minutes after you use perfume, makeup or other cosmetic products that contain chemicals in the body.

Humid space to help maintain a beautiful luster of pearls, so, does not be too long this jewelry store. Regularly wear it because the humidity is good for pearls. If you keep it in your safety or the safe-box airtight, should put a glass of water or wet sponge in it to make it stay moist.

Keep Pearl

Protect pearls from the scorching sun or the temperature is too cold. Temperature extremes will make a pearl is broken Store in a bag of silk material. Of fine silk material is very friendly with pearls together as organic. Or you can keep it in layered velvet jewelry box, and always remember that the plastic material is not recommended to store pearls.

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