Hii … There Sampo Placenta Can Make Shiny Hair


Skin care products that contain placenta extract the boom. Organs are present in the womb during pregnancy can be beneficial to rejuvenate skin cells and prevent the signs of aging.

Hii ... There Sampo Placenta Can Make Shiny Hair

Hii … There Sampo Placenta Can Make Shiny Hair

The placenta is now not only used as content for skin care products only. There is a shampoo that is the latest breakthrough from the placenta.

‘La Bella’ is a shampoo that is made from placental enzymes. The content is claimed to make the hair becomes smooth and shiny.

There are also shampoos from ‘Hask Placenta’ promising free hair dull dry and restore its luster. Both products are equally shampoo produced from cattle and sheep placenta.

Apparently, it has been used as the placenta abhan for facial hair and beauty since ancient Egyptian times before. While Marie Antoinette as a drink to take advantage of the placenta provides nutrients to the body.

Placenta popular again lately since Victoria Beckham face skin care with sheep placenta. Former member of girl band the Spice Girls took the placenta of a newborn lamb.

David Beckham’s wife regularly visit beauty services in Beverly Hills that provides the sheep placenta facial. To maximize facials, sheep placenta combined with a gel containing gold grains. The treatment is somewhat strange for £ 320 or about USD 4.7 million.

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