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Height Finalists of Miss Indonesia 2013 Minimum 170 Cm

Crawl contestants to participate in the Miss Indonesia 2013 will soon begin. Finalists who pass the selection must meet the criteria of having a high body.Height Finalists of Miss Indonesia 2013 Minimum 170 Cm

Achievement Ines Princess at the Miss World 2012 which secured the 13th rank to get a lot of positive appreciation, one was from Kanti Mirdiati Imansyah, Managing Director RCTI.

According to him, the committee encourages achievement Ines Miss Indonesia to the quest for a better replacement. Target Miss Indonesia at Miss World still wants to reach the top five or the accomplishment as well as a first prize.

To get the figure of Miss Indonesia 2013 that fit the criteria, Kanti said, there will be an increase of height. If previous requirements Miss Indonesia 167 centimeters participants, this year will be set at least 170 centimeters.

For the criterion of the actual start was good but it is between what we see directly the result was a little different. So, really for the election of a woman who deserves to be a contestant of Miss Indonesia was increasingly tightened, her team is also here more mature,” she said while talking with media.

According to him, the addition of these criteria carried out in order to face the Miss Word 2013 in which Indonesia will host and judges also have international capacity before the jury knew finalist personality traits themselves, they would see on the outside. Want baseball like we will add height criteria.

In addition, continued Kanti, Miss Indonesia team also received input from last year’s Miss World contestants, where among the finalists there’s usually a figure related poll pleased to be a friend. In Miss World 2012, turns poling Ines getting the most for it.

It was a good input for us ahead in choosing the contestants of Miss Indonesia 2013. Addition to achieving the targeted award, we also do not want the wrong choice of Miss Indonesia who has been elected. She is a good woman respected and can bring good name Inonesia out there later.

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