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Healthy Skin with Proper Care

Treat the skin with a product that fits your skin type will produce a healthy skin. The first time you have to do is to first identify your skin type so the treatment will get good results.

If after washing the face, the skin feels tight, it can be said to dry your skin type. Other characteristics are not easy spotty face and make-up applied evenly difficult.

You should clean your face with warm water, not hot water because it will remove the skin moist. Choose products that include the word soap free on the label. Apply a rich moisturizer also moisturizer

When the skin becomes oily a few hours after being washed and then quickly faded foundation or discolored. Blackhead appears on the face and enlarged pores.

Should wash daily with an antibacterial cleanser to remove the bacteria that cause acne. Avoid toners that contain alcohol because the oils in the skin will be more and more.

To help prevent clogged pores, choose oil free formula. Neutral skin, the skin will appear oily in the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead), while cheeks dry and scaly.

Easy berjerawatan or balckhead in T. Use the formula for combination skin that does not get rid of skin moisture.

Clean your face with alcohol-free toner and apply only to the forehead, nose and chin. Apply a moisturizer (oil free sunscreen) just on the face that her skin scaly.

All types of skin can be sensitive so easy itchy, red or irritated. Avoid scrubbing with coarse, anti aging products, fragrances (frangrance) or preservatives.

Should select the PABA-Free sunscreen titanium dioxide. PABA is a product of a good alternative for sensitive or irritated skin