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Healthy Menus In Fasting Month

For those of you who perform the prayer and fasting of course you have to prepare everything including the preparation of any dish that will be utilized.

Healthy Menus In Fasting Month
Healthy Menus In Fasting Month

But you should know what is good for you serve it? Consider the following tips:

• Expand the Mineral Water Consumption
There is no doubt that during their fasting from dawn until the time of breaking our bodies will be at risk for a variety of disorders such as dehydration.

Well when you are about to break it will be bad if you eat a heavy meal immediately. The first thing you notice is to drink a glass of water to neutralize the water content in the body.

• Fiber That Compulsory
After you drink a glass of water consider setting up soup menu for your family. The idea to prepare meals like vegetable soup recipe. Menu is certainly useful for your digestion so there will not be surprised to digest a heavy meal.

• Salad as an appetizer
For some people, eating vegetables may seem less tasty. This problem can be overcome by making a vegetable salad menu as a menu break.

Dislike of the vegetable can be overcome by adding mustard, mayonnaise, cream cheese on a salad dank it. Remember fiber is the main condition on the menu you are breaking.

• Enough Protein Intakes
In addition to fiber the food that you prepare as you are breaking the menu should contain enough protein. For example, you can prepare food with high protein content such as milk, fried chicken, egg, and so forth. Do not forget that this menu would be nice to be eaten after the prayer tarawih your stomach is not surprised.

• Rice as a Source of Primary carbohydrate
Maybe some of you asked about what energy sources we can get the menu instead of breaking? For this case, rice would be our favorite of all as a source of carbohydrate. Losing combination rice with the menus above to get the maximum satisfaction in breaking.

• Alternative Sources Other carbohydrate
However if you have health problems like diabetes or have to avoid eating sugary foods and high calorie you should consider to replace rice with other carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and the like which would be more beneficial to your health.

• Allow Eating Snacks?
Many of us are after passing through during fasting and eat dishes will have the desire to eat a snack at certain hours especially when relaxing watching television instead? For this you can choose a menu of healthy snacks such as nuts especially almonds.

• Dates the Nourishing
When we talk about breaking the fast of a healthy menu, of course everyone knows the type of fruit called a date. Well, dates can be utilized as a dessert on the menu and your family iftar. Always choose a quality dates that you can market and supermarket.

Opportunity to observe the holy month would be more perfect if you have a healthy body.

By setting up a healthy menu in the break you will surely avoid all health problems.

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