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Guide Choose Eyeglasses Anti misguided

Every person is born with a different face frame, so it must be smart in adapting fantasy and reality.

Instead of seeking to follow the trend and be a fashionista not to really be a stigma because of fashion.

1. Heart face

Broad forehead and pointed chin into the character of the owner of this face. Thus the proper frame is ramping disguise it or may also choose rimless glasses (rimless).

2. Round face

So that the face appears longer choose a good contact with the lens a little wider. Choosing a round or oval frames will only make the face more round.

3. Triangular faces

It sounds funny, but do not imagine waking flat triangular shape of toys or your niece’s child. Part of his forehead was narrow, but certainly not sharp. Jaw and cheek area is wider, so the glasses model ‘almost’ cat-eye with a thick edge and extends to the top.

4. Oval face

You could say this form is the perfect face shape. So blessed are you who have it! Because of the shape face is safe and then nothing will frame glasses with a charming face.

5. Square face

Strengthen the jaw facial character of this form. Find glasses with a slightly curved shape to disguise the shape of the jaw.

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