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Good Type of Diamond Investment

Diamonds are now beginning ogled as promising investment products other than gold. But not just any diamond can be a profitable investment. According to Financial Planner Aidil Akbar Madjid, only certain types of diamonds are enough potential to be profitable.

“Diamonds are a few types; there is small and large rust. Which can be used as an investment is a type of diamond with a carat and above, comes with a certificate because it can be sold and selling,” said Aidil when talking with Etcfashionblog via telephone, Monday (23/04 / 2012).

While the diamond with a carat for small or large carat diamond but was broken up into three to four small grains should only be used as jewelry. Because when it is sold, there will be a reduction in value by 30 percent.

Diamond, which is divided and has been called an hourglass-shaped jewelry, it’s not good for investment. While that can be used as an investment is a one-carat diamond with a large piece, called Solitaire diamond,” said the man who works as a financial planner since 1994 this.

Aidil also explained, when deciding which assets to invest diamond as there are some important things. In addition to the amount of rust, must also consider the 4C (carat, color, clarity, cutting) and the completeness of the certificate. This is quite important, because without a certificate of the diamond price will be determined by the store. And the store can decide to buy new or old prices.

“To a large diamond with a certificate, the diamond was the one who determines the selling price. Diamonds with good quality are not many and only large carat diamond that could be a pure investment,” he explained.

Based on Aidil experience as an expert financial planner, not many people are willing to invest purely on the diamond because the average person who buys a diamond, more because of her interest in jewelry. Graduate of Loyola Mary mount University, Los Angeles, California, United States, said, the new diamond could potentially be used as a pure investment if the size is large, between 3-5 carats because the selling price could reach billions.

“If you have a fund of Rp 150 million and want to buy a big diamond, it could just be an investment. Also note that diamond carat prices raise very significant difference. For example, one carat diamond intact Rp 100 million, a two carat can cost Rp 400 million, “said Aidil.

About what percentage of profits to be gained by investing in diamonds, Aidil revealed it could not be calculated on the average. By Tom Lydon, president of Global Trends Investments, as quoted from detkfinance, it’s because diamonds are not created alike, Lots of shapes sizes and quality.

“Industrial diamonds like the fact the price of diamonds is not always clear and certainly because of where they got the money,” said Tom.

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