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Foot Bath Desire Cameron Diaz 80% Female Depression With Body Shape

Weight loss is still (and will always) be the most important issue for women. There are seven of ten women are very concerned about their body shape and weight constant check up to three times a day.

Based on the results of a study, also found 80 percent of women in Britain who are depressed by the appearance of her own body, Cameron Diaz’s legs, buttocks and abdomen Kim Kardashian Gisele Bundchen average recorded as the celebrity body parts are considered the most ideal and it is affecting women in seeing their own body image.

Were not only women who have concerns about weight and shape? Studies conducted reveal Travelodge hotel companies; there are 61 percent of men who examined her figure more than twice a day.

On average they want legs like David Beckham, Chinning Tatum and buttocks as a six-pack like that of Mark Wahlberg and Matthew McConaughey. There are similarities between male and female respondents who participated in the survey; and sagging abdominal fat is the biggest concern for them.

A total of 3/4 of respondents claimed to keep the excess weight of 0.9 kg of fat in their bodies. While the shape of the foot, is the second biggest concern for women followed by buttocks, arms and hips.

“We live in a celebrity obsessed culture where image is everything. And now women and men feel more self-conscious with their appearance. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, David Beckham Kim Kardashian is also considered to have a perfect figure,” said Shakila Ahmed Travelodge spokesman, quoted by the Daily Mail.

She added, “Many people feel the need to look as good as possible and it is very effect for their lives.”

By Shakila, the survey results are surprising because there are many men and women who every day worried about their body weight is quite large. Even the present invention is in the stage of worrying because 80 percent of them feel depressed with her performance.

Lifestyle and mobile-paced activity, it makes a lot of people do not have time to take the time to exercise intensely. However, excess fat in the body can be minimized with a healthy diet and lots of physical activity.

Eating complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruits can be a solution to get the ideal body weight While sports can be done anytime, anywhere even when you work or trip to the mall.

Try not to eat at your desk, but out to a place some distance away from the office during lunch. Choose the stairs instead of elevator or devote some time to round the mall for 30 minutes before you shop.

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