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Finally Miley Cyrus Not Forgotten Wear Bra

Miley Cyrus performed several times surprised by a loose shirt without wearing a bra.

Now it looks like the popular women by HANNAH MONTANA This seems to be aware that wearing a bra is important.

As reported by the Dailymail the 19-year looks to step in Los Angeles airport on Thursday (7/6) afternoon. At that time Miley looked really casual with a t-shirt you-can-see dreamy wearing.
Just as the clothes she wore before T is arguably very loose. Fortunately the bra is worn fiance Liam Hemsworth is able to prevent it this time showing off sideboob as before.

Although the flashy red bra on display that Miley is still attention, but the public still looked at least reasonable. Pants and jacket she wore was getting sweeten her appearance at that time.
Besides showing off an electric colored bra Miley also showed off her engagement ring given to her lover. Apparently Miley enjoys the status of current engagement in

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