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Fear not Want Snooki Direct Breastfeeding Her Baby

Reality show star Snooki make horrendous statements about the nursing process. Snooki the middle of the pregnancy to nursing admit fear at all, so choose only pump breast milk.

It looks very painful but I’d be its pumping because ASI is the best nutrition argued,” she said in an interview with juju Snooki Chang for the event “Good Morning America ‘.

In the event the interview while walking, Snooki been invited juju into baby gear store. Good Morning America presenter then picking up a carton containing the blower ASI and show it on the stars ‘Jersey Shore’.

Snooki was later commented, the process similar to pump breast milk from the cow to milk. “We became like a cow, to milk,” she said.

Artists 24 years are predicted to produce her first child from his fiancee Jionni Lavalle by 2012 end. Could be, what said in an interview that will change after her baby was born later. It just might be no longer afraid of Snooki and will direct nursing her baby.

Women with the original name Elizabeth Nicole Polizzi admitted trying to be a good mother to her baby. This time even she stop drinking alcohol because they do not want an unwanted place in her later.

My entire friend said, you can drink a glass of wine. I said, ‘no I do not want’ cause I do not want to be people who drink a glass of wine and later my son was born with three legs,” she said.

In order to stop drinking alcohol, even Snooki now avoid being near people who are drinking because they do not want to be tempted. “I do not want to be near people who drink because I could follow later,” said one of the reality show star on Hollywood’s highest paid.

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