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Fasting Weight Loss Instead Kok Up?

One of the benefits of fasting is the reduction in weight due to eating frequency is also reduced If you usually eat three meals a day, while fasting so morning and evening only.

The body has natural by nature calorie reduction process, because the meal turned and reduced meal frequency. a practitioner of a healthy lifestyle, But the fact is many people actually gain weight during fasting. What causes it?

When breaking the fast, people tend to prefer to eat simple carbohydrates (white rice, instant noodles) and he wanted to look nice. Used to lower blood sugar (when not eating and drinking), lots of sweets so tempting. When eating sweet foods, sugar rapid rise of blood, but also falling so fast hungry faster. Want to eat again and again, “explained Dr. Phaidon.

Not to mention when Eid arrives, it could certainly be a lot of sweet and fatty foods are presented. Coupled with a diamond that is usually made from white rice which is a simple carbohydrate. It was also the lead people to continue eating.

At the feast of many sweet and tasty foods, people get carried away,” he added.

So keep in mind, the process of weight loss during fasting tough when breaking occurs if you eat more foods high in sugar and calories than fruits and vegetables. In order to lose weight does not increase during and after fasting, Dionysius Henry, a consultant as well as physical exercise and health nutrition consultant advised to avoid foods high in fat and multiply eat vegetables.

At dawn, eat vegetables such as fresh vegetables or stew, clear vegetable, meat steamed or boiled eggs can be added. Replace white rice with brown rice or whole wheat bread.

We recommend that if you do not want to soar weight, reduced fat foods. When fasting our bodies store fat so because of decreased metabolism,” said the man who is familiarly called Henry, So in addition to fulfilling its obligations as a Muslim, maximize the benefits of your service by eating healthy foods that are low in fat, sugar and calories. Good luck!

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