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Fashiona Trends 2013 Indonesia IPMI Trend Show 2013 Updates

Trends 2013, Yong Budisutisna Bravely Exploration & IPMI Trend Show 2013

Many women who have felt the hand of expertise in designing and kebaya dresses As one member of the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI), Yong Budisutisna including designers who have the courage to explore his work.Trends 2013, Yong Budisutisna Bravely Exploration & IPMI Trend Show 2013

Exactly what a woman needs to realize dreams and dreams in a dress or fashion design. In the event IPMI Trend Show 2013 presents a fashion statement Yong shown through a collection of bravely which shows the courage and strength in the line design.

According watch list muted colors option selected to represent collection Yong trends towards 2013, though impressions conservative in it.

Seeing work over the years, Sonny Muchlison, lifestyle and fashion observers say that the entire results of the design reflects the characteristics of young Yong.

He was a champion of the LPM, youth work really with the selection of basic black.
In this event the magnitude ENERGIE theme which emphasizes the essence of a work and is a blend of various elements of the energy of the creator. Yong also adapted the theme with a choice of blue and white ceramic decoration motif detail and pattern cutting shiny full A-line shape.

From this collection the courage and strength that I lift and it was clear from the line design,” added Yong told a news conference last night.

Latest Kebaya Collection Era Soekamto & IPMI Trend Show 2013

AT development, now appear modern kebaya and seemed lost essence. In the Latest Kebaya Collection Era Soekamto on her grip successfully returned, but still with a touch of modernity.Latest Kebaya Collection Era Soekamto & IPMI Trend Show 2013

The intensity of the local fashion industry has also raised kebaya from sinking as traditional fashion, kebaya now from glance again by the young country. Along with its development, kebaya already come up with a variety of modifications. Glamoritas touch on modern kebaya, making it as if the loss of identity and a real essence, that simplicity.

This also work transported back by Era Soekamto its collection entitled “Sang aloft”.

This collection of inspired from Cirebon mask dance. Sang aloft is a symbol in which the author does not differ from its creation,” said Era disorderly presentation IPMI Trend Show 2013 in Energy Building, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012.

In 12 collections, designers are seeking to strengthen the bloody Java existence with treats to suit her grip kebaya, yet still appear modern and luxurious. Disability does not kebaya late enlarges sequins or adding crystal accents, but later the beauty of batik cloth and carried.

I tried to translate it from some religious ceremonies. Apparently, man’s relationship with nature is not the creator of horizontal, but vertical.

Colors such as gray, gold, and white is an implementation of IPMI 2013 sub themes trend that is silence Zen. This soft pastel nuances like a real woman essence return, which is moderate while cutting techniques and rigorous deconstruction describe women but of character.

Era is also consistent with new lice kebaya so feminine. This time presents ropes batik motifs and birds Hong, and pleats texture stick, ATBM, jacquard silk satin and pearl decoration on the details. Not extinct clean design so obvious.

Visible unity of all existence of old and new, simple yet luxurious aloft apparently successfully returned the kebaya, yet still modern and elegant.

The Fringe, How To Make Beautiful Women Barli Asmara & IPMI Trend Show 2013

Not Barli Asmara name if it does not give a different surprise in each new collection. The word detail, it seems also never fully separated from designers and thirst strike this complex technique.The Fringe, How To Make Beautiful Women Barli Asmara & IPMI Trend Show 2013

In the event IPMI Trend Show 2013, Barli opening fashion show with a series of his fashion show begins with the appearance of Dewi Sandra to sing Moulin Rouge and spectators who attended the Energy Building Ballroom sucked as if transported back to the era of the 1920s & Goddess wearing fringe able to hypnotize the audience with sexy looks equally as capable of opening performances sassy fashion show before the 13 collections shown Barli.

In the event IPMI Trend Show 2013, Barli invite Dewi Sandra makes fashion show with the song Moulin Rouge. No wonder the audience was dissolved in the atmosphere of the 1920s.

Yes, Barli did want to leave a lasting impression every time showing off fashion. Moreover, the event was highly anticipated fashion lovers who want to peek at the direction of fashion trends 2013.

This time, Barli the theme “The Fringe” which is the implementation of the sub-theme of the trend of the silence zen IPMI 2013. The collection is inspired by the 1920’s, at which time the music, cinema, and fashion find a new air and combine it with a touch of Oriental.

Obviously as a designer I have a trend of its own, indeed earlier in Muslim clothing collection; I also raised the 1920’s. Due to the early buzz that’s where fashion and music express, so they can explore it all. Years was strong with glamour ladies, without prejudice to any beauty of a woman and powerful technique once in the 1920s, that’s why I raised it again, “said the young designer to fashion media after performances in the Ballroom Energy Building, October 9, 2012.

Barley seems to have no trouble incorporating various elements in fashion so it looks harmonious Paired with the modern side fringe embroidery of sequins fit perfectly paired by Barli.

Usually applied to brocade but this time he made the dangling fringe and gives the impression of sparkling. The detailed floral embroidery by touch that characterizes Indonesian crafts is also featured in the collection last night.

Silence Zen which I present with the use of neutral colors and blue. Zen was able to combine elegance and glamour to the coastal areas.

The foundation of fashiona this time using two layers of tulle so unimpressed weight yet sturdy. As for fashion models, Barli also try to present the long and short pieces with attractive fringe detail.

The trends show really makes me need a lot of energy, but this is a reflex of the technique last year. All collections made crafts as well. I apply with sequins and embroidery yarn material Indonesia.

Trends 2013, latest collection Ari Seputra & IPMI Trend Show 2013

ARI Seputra again showing his latest collection. This fashion show is a series of IPMI Trend Show 2013.Trends 2013, latest collection Ari Seputra & IPMI Trend Show 2013

Lombok ethnic touch of the soul of the designer’s latest collection, titled Neo Ari Seputra Plaited. Dozens of fashion ready-to-wear with calm colors, like white, brown, and beige is a translation of the sub-theme trend IPMI 2013, zen silence.

Inspiration from ketap basket or subanale motifs that exist in Lombok,” said Ari Seputra performances over IPMI Trend Show 2013 in Energy Building, October 9, 2012.

Limitations and difficulties processing ketap basket tricked Ari taking hexagon motif, then with digital techniques to print on cloth weaving. According to him, this is the hardest part of this collection.

Woven fabric, then processed Ari into peplum dress, jumpsuit, and a dress with a slim silhouette and clean. Also present pleated accents that enhance the collection.

Regarding the work of Ari Seputra earlier, Sonny Muchlison observer mode has its own opinion. “Ari is still not able to have a character that looks, In response, the designer has the answer.

When you create a work, I always think of the wearer. Maybe my clothes were too ready-to-wear, because I see a trend in the world of clothes, where the clothes should be marketed,” said Ari.

Changes in the collection, according to Ari, no doubt due to the ever-changing trends. But my character is always a touch of ethnic, only the clothes are ready to wear, not that dramatic.

Enchanting Kebayas Decorate IPMI Trend Show 2013

Glove and kebaya is very strong with the image of Asia and Indonesia. Now, it all belonged to the world and brings it to the performance & national pride worldwide.

Natural color and soil brought in collection are now thick with knit material. Nuanced across time and culture, invited guests who came to see it was evident that among women Tuty target for this collection.

Tuty many colors to process gold and green leave. By emphasizing natural materials and environmentally friendly, the theme of Enchanting brought the spirit of green fashion, both the material and the process of coloring so that your various circles.

This is a dream fashion. Knitted silk threads which I explore to crochet techniques could be a new trend that is not only used for interior purposes, but can also be worn as a fashion, exclusively to fashion show in the Ballroom Energy Building, Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

Kebaya now a good choice for working-girl and fun fearless-female & Continuing the tradition of all and always silk, presents a harmonious blend of chic and wild silk or wild silk fibrous firm, and bright golden color with the softness and elasticity of mulberry silk.

Pattern A-line dominates this collection with accents and draperies flares here and there. As a refinement, a piece of woven scarf or gloves give an elegant impression. That remain memorable in the minds of the typical culture of Asia and Indonesia will be the world’s cultural heritage.

With the theme, I do things from the materials used with the material really green and it’s become my concept for the trend next year.


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