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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts”Mixed Styles Julia Perez

Julia Perez is famous for her style is hot. On each occasion she was always a unique style and featuring her best asset, namely the breast. Gaston Castano former lover is also always appear confident with the style.

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Mixed Styles Julia Perez
Fashion Do's & Don'ts Mixed Styles Julia Perez

31-year-celebrity is not always hot attractive style, evident when met at the event Strikes RCTI, West Jakarta, Tuesday (04/24/2012), she appears closed. This unusual style makes it look odd, off style and gives the impression she should always look hot only.

It is understandable bangs straight white wig and a dress full of sequins shine are the property of the event. However, the combination use of coat, stockings, silver earrings to shoes actually enforced and there is no continuity.

Coat length animal print motif of velvet-like material may be intended in order to look more Fierce. Unfortunately the tone color is too dark and make the coat is like a dirty rag. Maybe if the coat she wore a black and white zebra-print or python skin, her black sequined dress and looks more terkspos Roberto Cavalli style.

Stocking the subject was too thin and micro-polka-dot pattern make it look less harmonious. Maybe if you wore black leggings, will look more seductive and stylish.

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Styles Julia Perez in footbaler T shirt
Fashion Do's & Don'ts Styles Julia Perez in footbaler T shirt

For shoes, a silver sequined pumps with neon pink accents chosen. This further disrupt the coordination of the overall style and if he chooses ankle boots or pumps neutral color glossy patent leather, like black, it looks expensive and not less interesting attention. If you want to look excited, she can still choose black shoes with studs detail (the nails).

Last but not least, is the accessory. Wigs are practically worn as an accessory, so no need to add accessories such as excessive in the face area of ??long earrings. This makes the face of the dangdut singer was seen getting full and unbiased.

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