Fake Christian Louboutin Shoes Worth Rp 170 M U.S. Customs Seized


Foreclosure massively over fake Christian Louboutin shoes do U.S. customs officials. Counterfeit shoes seized tens of thousands and valued at Rp 170 billion.

Fake shoes designer France was divided in five shipments to the United States from China. As quoted from the Telegraph, seizure made by officers on Tuesday (14/08/2012).

According to a spokesman for U.S. Customs, Jaime Ruiz, shoes seized amounted to 20 457 pairs. All these shoes have a trade mark, namely Louboutin red soled. If sold, the entire value of the shoes to reach U.S. $ 18 million or around Rp 170 billion.

Worn by celebrities and royalty, these red-soled shoes are characteristic of French designer Christian Louboutin,” said Ruiz. “It’s just our party saw a red-lacquered soles other than that. They see any legally protected trademarks in the United States.

Louboutin fake shoes are expected to be sold on the black market or through sites on the Internet that are selling items not original. Once seized, tens of thousands of shoes will be destroyed.


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