Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF


Indonesia is a country that has woven fabric as a legacy for generations in various regions. Cain is also a commodity culture that continues to grow.

Weaving dreams Indonesia (CTI) has continued to introduce weaving to modern society with the aim that Indonesia has always been known woven fabric from generation to generation. CTI hook this time three young designers who transform weaving Bali, and Lombok Sambas be ready to wear clothing that modern and fashionable.

Priyo Oktaviano, Didi Budiardjo, and Ari Seputra are designers who participated in exploring the beauty of the woven fabric is shown in the annual event of Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) in 2012 at the Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta with a series of collection, titled Heirloom.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Herloom means something that is antique and valuable that has been passed down from generation to generation. These three designers were even produce beautiful works and in accordance with the changing times.

Priyo Oktaviano example. she took the theme of ‘Kawaii Bali’ which was inspired by the beauty of the island, Bali. In her collection, explores the shocking war-war woven Bali. Natural color of the clothes that made a shocking piece of clothing that is edgy and modern like a mini dress with halterneck detail and variety of dress body fit that describes the character of Indonesian women are graceful, elegant, and uphold their culture.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

While Didi Budiardjo, just add a touch of Chinese, Malay, Arab and Hindu in every design. With the theme ‘Aurum Cantus’ with a song called gold Didi describes songket Sambas like to hear the strains of the sound of interwoven gold threads that form the motif.

Didi creates a variety of clothing with urban style and modern that can mix and match. she put forward the motifs of roses and flowers Patience continues in her collection. Color violet, orange, red and gold are Didi choice.

about Ari also displays her work in the form of clothes ‘stomach’ and the belt ‘Anteng’. The series was inspired collection of distinctive clothing elements Lombok. Chose the theme ‘Unity’, Ari raised woven fabric woven Lombok and utilize a variation of the various regions such as binoculars motif ocik, subhanale motive opaque erot, god motif belt, and the calm belt motif combined in a line of modern designs that are tailored to the dynamics of today’s lifestyle without losing the element of tradition.

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