Eyeshadow Tricks For Not Wearing A Clot In Eye


In the summer, often quickly faded finery. Likewise, eye makeup, especially eyeshadow. The eye shadow can be lumpy, because the oily eye crease.

Do not worry with the right makeup tricks the eyeshadow will stay awake its neatness and not quickly fade. Here comes the trick of Ourvanity.

1. primary

Do not ever forget to use a primer before applying eyeshadow. You can also use the liquid type foundation. Its function is to make the perfect eyeshadow stick in the eye.

2. Eye cream

Eye cream is good to make the eyes more moist and prevent wrinkles, but it’s best to use it at night. In the daytime, eye cream eyeshadow will make a clot because formulannya is too oily.
3. Select Eyeshadow Powder

Trigger the kind of eye cream eyeshadow oily eye makeup and make a clot. Instead, choose a formula powder eyeshadow lighter.

4. Finish with Powder Powder

Oil so that the eyelid is really absorbing, end with a daub of talc powder. Quite a bit memulaskannya with a large brush, eyeshadow does not go so swept away.


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