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Even Brad Pitt Marriage Coming Drunk Drunk

Ahead of her wedding which will take place next September Brad Pitt instead of getting drunk. Brad came home drunk in the morning in a state of shock and his future wife Angelina Jolie.

As quoted from Femalefirst he went to a bar in London with a friend who is also an actor Guy Ritchie. As I entered his house he staggered street and surprise his lover.

Brad spends a party with Guy and other friends in the pub Guy. Angelina was surprised he came home in such circumstances moreover he never called before, said a source.

According to the source he was very relaxed in the pub and he pretty much downing alcoholic beverages.

The group spent the night in the back room of the pub. They drink beer like Bombardier and Spitfire. Brad took the glasses of different beers and a bit chaotic, explained the source.