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Eliminate Acne Treatments for the Body

Pimples are popping up in the body especially the back would be very disturbing appearance and create confidence declined. Especially if you use a shirt or dress backless models are open at the top and shoulders. To overcome these breakouts, try a few tricks such as All Women Stalk reported the following:Eliminate Acne Treatments for the Body

1. Bathing With Soap is Right

The first step to overcome the acne on the body is cleaned with anti bacterial soap or liquid. Another way that you can try is to do with the exfoliating body wash containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. Avoid the use of soap or soap dry skin that contains too much perfume, because it will aggravate your skin condition.

2. Wear Loose Clothes That

Another way to deal with acne on the body is by wearing loose clothing, a lightweight material such as cotton or linen. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight because it can trap the sweat on your skin. For sports apparel, try to wear loose materials and thin clothing instead of spandex made from head to toe so that your skin can breathe even when sweating.

3. Shower After Activity

Immediately clean yourself after activity and sweating to avoid the growth of acne on the skin. Allowing the skin to sweat and damp for too long will further clog pores and cause acne. Do not forget to clean up your exercise equipment in direct contact with skin and sweat.

4. Acne Cream

Another way is to use acne cream containing 10% benzoyl peroxide. For a wider area as whole back acne spray is recommended, but if the area with acne only on some parts, gel or cream would be more effective.

5. Exfoliation

Effective way to deal with acne on the skin and prevent it from coming back is to do a skin peel to remove dead skin cells. This method encourages the growth of new skin cells and keep pores clean. More sugar scrub is recommended because the texture is lighter than salt scrubs can be more abrasive. Once you do exfoliate, remember to keep the skin moist by using acne cream.

6. Diet

Food can also affect the growth of unwanted acne. To that end, consume foods that contain high anti-oxidants, vitamins and omega-3 that can help prevent acne. Some foods that you can try are fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains. Do not forget to drink lots of water, because water is essential to cleanse the skin and prevent it from drying out.

7. Avoid Stress

Finally, to overcome the appearance of acne on the body is to avoid stress. Stress can cause an inflammatory response in your skin, thus causing the acne. Therefore, from now on make it a habit healthy lifestyle, like getting enough sleep each night, exercising and eating well.

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