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Dr Martens Brand Shoes One of the World Changing

If you are in the era of the ’90s, certainly no stranger to the Dr Martens boots. Its popularity makes these shoes into the list of ’50 shoe that changed the world ‘.

Dr Martens Brand Shoes One of the World Changing
Dr Martens Brand Shoes One of the World Changing

A Design Museum’s book, titled ‘Fifty Shoes That Changed The World’, reveals some of the shoes have been regarded as giving effect to the world, both in point of view mode or in general. One of them was Dr Martens boots.

Dr Martens or also known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, Docs or DMs was the classic British shoe brand. Dr. Marten’s shoes are so synonymous with British teenagers since the late 1960’s, and have become one of the iconic shoes in the world.

Dr. Martens shoes are also a fashion item ‘must’ for the community Skinheads and punks (a sub-culture that was born in London, England in the late 1960’s). Dr Martens shoes form the ‘tools’ to show defiance by workers or the working class who are in difficult economic times.

Dr Martens boots come from two shoelaces to 20 holes or so-called ‘eyelet’. Number shoelace eyelet and color can be the object of obsession for some people to have it.

Dr Marten boots came from Klaus Martens was a German army doctor during World War II. He injured the ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps, Germany. Martens feels that his boots are very uncomfortable, especially when his leg was injured.

While recovering his feet, Martens designed the back of his boots, with animal skins and softer soles made from car tires so it is quite tender. Unfortunately, the sale of shoes by Martens did not get a successful response.

Until he met his old friend during college, Dr. Herbert Funck in Munich in 1947. Funck Martens interested in shoe design, and together create new designs as well as replacing some of the material to be more comfortable and durable. T

Did not take long Dr Martens boots instantly became sought after, especially by women and housewives. During the first 10 years, 80% of the sale of Dr. Martens shoes are dominated by women aged over 40 years.

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