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Do’s & Don’ts 5 When Using Kaftan & Hijab

Kaftan had become a fashion trend last year at the feast However, over the mode and the various opinions of the designers, kaftan from lack of popularity.

Do's & Don'ts 5 When Using Kaftan & Hijab
Do’s & Don’ts 5 When Using Kaftan & Hijab

For those of you who are making a choice kaftan dress this year, consider the do’s & Don’ts that you need to know when wearing kaftans, the following:

1. Kaftan with see-through chiffon material will look less polite when used during the holidays. Usually you will choose the alternative of using a tank top and leggings or cuff, but still only detail the lively chiffon caftan just in front of the shirt can not cover the body and the shape of the wearer in the back. Should add a scarf or shawl on your appearance. Other solutions, select the kaftan is not transparent material, such as satin or cotton.

2. The model is a straight caftan and ‘oversized’ is not always suitable for some form of body. If you have a short posture, long kaftan abaya models will make you look smaller. Or if you have a fat body and big breasts, vibrant detail kaftan on the chest will make your chest look more full and to be highlighted. For your petite, wearing high heels can be an option when wearing a kaftan.

3. Does not need additional accessories if you have a model kaftan full detail on the chest and arms. Add a necklace or gold bracelet for example, will only make it look full and redundant. Simply wear stud earrings if you want to look more attractive kaftan.

4. Kaftan one color from top to bottom. When wearing a black kaftan, avoid choosing black hijab anyway or you will look like going to a funeral. So also with other colors, avoid using similar colors between your kaftan and headscarf. Better to choose a color with matching scarf or decorative embroidery and beading rocks on your kaftan.

5. If kaftan back into your choice of clothing for this year, modify kaftans with turbans to be more stylish. Or you can also try other materials with batik kaftan or tribal rather than smooth materials such as chiffon, silk or cotton.

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