Dark Side of Life Supermodel Posted in Documentary Film


A number of models of the 70’s and 80’s talk turkey about their careers in the past that is not too good. Ranging from drug addiction to sexual harassment ready revealed in a film that aired on HBO late July 2012.

The film is titled ‘Face Abaout: Supermodels, Then and Now’. In the film a number of old models that participated in between Jerry Hall and Paulina Porizkova.

Paulina is known as the first Central European model on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine in the 80s. While Hall, in its heyday has appeared in over 40 magazine covers.

Two famous supermodel revealed poor models in the industry they are. “People call it sexual harassment, but we consider it a compliment when,” said Porizkova.

The poor life of the model also revealed former Vogue fashion director Jade Hobson. She admitted quite a shame because the first magazine ever to use models that are actually addicted to illegal drugs. One of them is Gia Carangi, a heroin addict who died of AIDS in the 80s.

We make it so someone. We created a monster. We may exploit these girls,” says Jade.

Popular models in the 70-80 year’s, Carol Alt also open sound cruel about the model industry in his time. She remembered how once she had to keep their bodies lean in order to participate in a fashion show.

Alt recalled that there used to be an editor once told her to lose weight to 7 pounds if he would work for a fashion show in Italy. Because of that, the model is to just Cover Girl eating celery alone. Her mother was until not recognize when they accidentally met at the airport.


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