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Dad Parenting for Children Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s children at risk do not have foster parents, after his grandmother Katherine Jackson had disappeared from home.

However, according to one of the Jackson family, there is a match to be a foster father to the children Michael, namely Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Tanay Jackson, Tito Jackson’s daughter said that her grandmother, she was too old to keep Michael’s three children. He also advised the King of Pop’s three children are cared for by other family members.

I do not think he (she) should take care of children. I understand that she was with him and she has raised them and that’s probably why she still wants to have a little more involvement,” said Tanay, as quoted by RadarOnline.

I think she needs a rest,” continued Tanay. According to Tanay, a figure that is suitable for guiding three children Michael Jackson is TJ.

One of the best to raise them is TJ. She was younger. She cut out to be a figure for the kids Michael. They love TJ, that’s what I know,” continued Tanay.

Tanay also talked about the dispute between Janet Jackson with Paris. According to Tanay, slap Janet to Paris, because she was very fond of her niece.

Janet is very good. She knew that Paris was doing all the singing on Twitter and that’s probably why She wanted to take the phone of Paris, She will not continue to cause any confusion,” says Tanay.

After Michael Jackson died in 2009, the superstar left the estate amounting to Rp 4, 74 trillion. The estate was left to three children Michael and his mother, Katerine, without dividing the inheritance to his brothers.

Brothers Michael, Tito, Jermaine and Randy along with his sister, Janet and Rebbie allege that the will was fake.

They then asked for the contents of probate executor resign MJ as soon as possible. They believe the legacy forged letter. They claim that the actions of the executor had been led to their mother Katherine suffered a mild stroke.

Katherine is the legal guardians of Michael’s children are in the midst of the conflict that heritage. Nephew, Trent, making a missing persons report because she had not talked to Katherine for a week. Katherine was later found in a safe condition.