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Courtney Stodden Army Style Bikini

Courtney Stodden never runs out of ways to pose vulgar. In the United States Independence Day, Courtney posing in a bikini patterned exciting forces.

U.S. Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday (4/7), Courtney (17) has their own way to celebrate. She was wearing a bikini posing sensually motivated soldiers. Just like a photo Courtney before, in this photo appearing Courtney fantastic.

Quoted from Dailymail, Courtney wore a striped bikini complete with army accessories like hats and helmets. In one photograph, for example, a girl who is now a struggling singer was posing so respectful style, with an American flag in her left hand.

In another pose, Courtney posing sideways, showing the flag patch on her left shoulder. But with a very mini skirt, showing off her ass like Courtney instead.

Courtney is the girl who hooked makes sense. Her marriage to actor Doug Hutchinson (51) makes a scene because of age at the time Courtney was only 16.

After marriage, she often makes a series of vulgar images which are then disseminated to the media. She also had thrown out a pumpkin patch owners, because they are behaving nasty in the garden.