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Colorful Pastel Beautiful New Collection of 3 L’Oreal

For you lovers of pastel colors are sweet L’Oreal again offer its newest product under the name, ‘Miss candy’. The concept of ‘Candylicious Issue’ offered will spoil you with colorful products like candy and caramel fragrance.Colorful Pastel Beautiful New Collection of 3 L'Oreal

Yesterday we had L’Or Electric now we bring new trends that are suitable for women of Indonesia is in a tropical climate with pastel colors of Miss Candy, said Lia Kurtz, Group Product Manager at L’Oreal Indonesia Launching Miss Candy series in Arvore Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Friday (09/07/2012).

This year L’Oreal came back with three series of products consisting of Color Riche Nutri Shine lipstick, Glam Shine gloss products, and nail polish series Color Riche Le varnish.

The first product is the Color Riche Nutri Shine. This candy-colored lipstick series has a jelly-like texture that will make your lips look more sweet and tempting. Content of Royal Jelly and Shea Butter d in it serves as a moisturizer that will soften your lips. Comes with 5 color options Miss Marshmallow, Caramel Miss, Miss Strawberry, Miss Orange, and Raspberry Miss, this product will nourish lips like wearing lip balm and also provide a perfect natural sheen.

Shades of candy also are found in products Glam Shine lip gloss. The combination of the two colors of sweet candy and caramel fragrance will give your lips a fresh effect and natural luster. Miss Candy Glam Shine Collection consists of four colors blend, Miss Marshmallow, Miss Apricot, Miss Orange, and Miss Raspberry.

Meanwhile for your beautiful nails, present through 15 shades of spring pastel color palette of the series Color Riche Le varnish. Equipped with Integrated Gel Technology and technology brushes specially designed so that the application even easier. Special brush to reach all parts of the nail and just one time swab, you can get a smooth nail color. Even the beautiful luster can last up to 10 days of usage. You can get the latest technology from L’Oreal nail polish is priced at Rp 49 thousand.

Can not wait to add this colorful candy in your collection of beauty products? Miss Candy collection can already be found at L’Oreal counters.

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